I'm leaving in a few hours for the airport; about 12 hours from now I'll be in Boston. I'm really looking forward to this trip even though the weather forecast calls for rain. It'll be inside where the cool stuff will be happening: MIT Sloan.

I have three major objectives for this trip: merge the Clutter Gnibbles port to master, make at least two of the Clutter+Seed games created by Tim Horton enabled by default, and to educate myself.

On that last point, education, I'm looking forward to Shaun's session on documentation which I still think of as black magic. Also, I will be paying attention to what everyone thinks GNOME 3.0 means to them so that I can articulate whatever that is to others. I also hope to absorb some of the genius of the awesome people whom will be there.

Spare time allowing, I'd like to do some hacking on GNOME Shell and get a better understanding of inner-workings of Clutter so that I can better understand some bugs that I'm working on fixing.

On a purely selfish note, I will be keeping an eye open for someone with an N900. I'm waffling on whether it's worth the investment for development since it's Clutter 0.8 and not 1.0.

Looking forward to getting some awesome work done!

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