It's now official, I am the new gnome-games module maintainer and will slowly be taking over from Callum McKenzie; he's done a great job. Drop him an email and let him know that his maintainership was appreciated: callum at spooky-possum dot org. I also very much appreciate his help with the transition.

Now that I have a CVS account, I can get to work on various things needing attention. Mostly, my plan is to facilitate contributors and do everything I can to keep obstacles out of their way. I don't have any major changes in mind other than to encourage more sexiness. Sexiness is important for marketing GNOME, even if its in the games. And there are quite a few games in the module that could use some TLC in that department (won't name names).

I am coming to work on GNOME because I appreciate the work that everyone is doing and am excited by the healthy community of individual and business interests working together to make a great platform. I work for a company that uses the GNOME desktop environment to provide a dummy-proof user experience on thin client terminals (using an architecture that I designed and submitted back to the Debian-Live project.)

Wish I could have made it to GUADEC; ah well, next year.

Anyway, looking forward to working with you all.