Jon McCann was invited up to give an overview of the status of GNOME Shell and 3.0.

GNOME Summit speaker photo

He started by thanking Stormy for her service to the GNOME family.

He surveyed the list of TODO's up on the wiki. The control center is a particular point which needs attention and he was hoping to focus on that this weekend. Additionally, a couple of new themes and GTK+-related theme changes, and preliminary newly designed font.

One of the action items for the release team is to get the new "Core" jhbuild module set defined so that everyone can develop against a complete core GNOME 3 stack, easily.

He handed back to John saying, "Let's get shit done."

John invited everyone whom was interested up to pitch a session and to write it on the board. After this was done, sessions were scheduled to the room grid with as little overlap as possible using a show of hands to measure interest.