After months of delays, a few false-starts and a weekend of hard, long coding (and hating—no loathing—C++), the Clutter-ization of Gnometris is feature complete. Some polish remains to be done (like the preview widget). And feel free to suggest improvements to the effects. Perhaps some particle shaders would be neat (little flecks that fly out from the impact point). I think I should use a quadratic ramp for the block explosions so they are visible longer and slow down as they get further from their explosive origin.

Gnometris on Clutter on Vimeo.

Also notice that this is running on DRI2 with a compositor—so that's something to look forward to. I have an Intel GM45 and am running video-intel-2.6.1; it's very stable and I'd highly recommend checking it out. The Linux 3D situation is looking brighter every day! (Thank You, Intel!)

For Gnome 2.26 this will only be enabled in Gnome Games if it is built with --enable-clutter. So it's up to your distro to turn it on. I recommend doing so. For 2.28, it will be the default and the old, unplayable, sluggish 2D engine will be ripped out. At that time, there will be a huge opportunity for cleaning up the code base, removing #ifdefs and getting rid of C++.