Nothing has really changed versus the Clutter 0.8 version but the port has provided the opportunity to resolve some performance issues and copy Neil Roberts' clever texture cache from Aisleriot's experimental Clutter backend to Gnometris. Also, as a result of the libgames-support addition of libcanberra-gtk for sound, the sdl-mixer is no longer required for audio mixing of the sound effects (as long as you have PulseAudio). I tried to record sound for this screen cast, but PulseAudio would not allow recording from the sink monitor without some nasty buffer under-runs and 100% CPU utilization.

On the topic of CPU utilization, it's less than 5% while playing—so it turned out battery friendly. Also, note that I'm running this in a compositor. So, DRI2 seems to be quite happy with this.

This resembles very closely what you'll see in GNOME 2.28. Clutter is mandatory for Gnometris for 2.28. In a later post, I will discuss which games are slated for Clutter in 2.30.

There are a number of small, cosmetic issues that need to be resolved. If I have time, I may add a few additional effects.


The screen cast is here (updated MIME type).