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Current texture pack: Faithful 32x

Mode: Survival

PVP: off

Find an nearby place to build your house and join in the fun!


  • Don't take anything without asking unless the box is in the common area or has text that says that it's okay to take.
  • Workbenches, anvils, enchanting tables, villager merchants, portals, minecart tracks, etc. are free for all to use.
  • Try to maintain the look and feel of the surrounding biomes. Maybe don't build a giant eyesore.
  • If a creeper or a fire destroys an area, try to rebuild it in the spirit of what was there before.

World state (as of November 2018)

  • The beacon and several conduits have been established.
  • There are two villager farms with many enchantments available.
  • The end dragon has been slain. One Elytra has been retreived.
  • The Nether has a vast rail network connecting points of interest. Some parts are WIP.
  • A 3x3 world map has been established and all of it have been explored. Some waypoints have been placed throughout the world.
  • A woodland mansion has been discovered but not yet beaten; path through The Nether.